These images are part of an exploration into different 3D techniques using Blender for the RTJ4D contest on Sketchfab. 

The premise of the contest is to remix the iconic Run the Jewels logo and make it into something fresh and new. Initially I had several ideas for models and how I wanted to incorporate them into a video, then I quickly found out the limitations of Sketchfab and uploading models, so I was challenged to work within those parameters to make something I liked.

One of my favorite renders are the ones in stone, but after the baking and compressing of files, it still didn't play well with Sketchfab. I then modeled the robot hands and created an animated video which I love, but the final result in Sketchfab didn't do it justice, so I kept tinkering with ideas. 

I have been recently toying with a 90's aesthetic, and the idea of an arcade game called 'Jewel Runner' came to mind, so I modeled an arcade console and then used images that I created as well as existing Run the Jewels assets to incorporate different elements from different RTJ albums into one cohesive package, which resulted in my final idea for Sketchfab which can be found here:

Overall, I enjoyed coming up with ideas for this contest, and I definitely can see a lot of improvement in my 3D skills and understanding of Blender from participating. I hope you enjoy!

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